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Google announces a partnership with WordPress to create a CMS optimized for local journalists

In recent years, a troublesome trend has been noticed in local newsrooms in the U.S as local media does not receive much coverage as the national press. In an attempt to solve this matter, The Google News Initiative announced a partnership with WordPress wherein it shall invest $1.2 million towards creating a “fast, efficient low-cost and secure publishing system tailor-made to the needs of small newsrooms” dubbed as Newspack.

Over the years, The Google News Initiative (GNI) has been providing funds towards building new features optimized specifically for publishers. The latest project specifically focuses on local newsrooms.

Newspack could incorporate commerce systems ,website design, and configuring CMS as it aims to create the required technological tools so that local journalists can simple focus on “great editorial work.”

The platform will be created by Automattic , the parent company of WordPress with the assistance of other funders (Civil Media, The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and Lenfest Institute for Journalism) contributing $1 million along with Google’s $1.2 million.

A statement published by Google reads, “Advising on the Newspack feature set, based on feedback from our extensive contact with local publishers, and providing technical support on the integration of Google products.”

As per sources close to the matter, within the next couple of weeks, development on Newspack shall commence with a global launch for publishers scheduled later this year.