Changing lifestyle results in poor diet, improper sleep, lack of exercise, buildup of bad cholesterol and obesity, owing to poor functioning of blood vessels in the heart. Angioplasty is a procedure which is performed to remove the blockage and widen the blood vessel. Here, a small balloon is inserted with a catheter, balloon is placed on the tip of the catheter. When it is inflated it clears blocked blood vessels and results in better blood flow to arteries.

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Angioplasty is a minimally invasive procedure. The patient is discharged from the hospital typically in a day’s time, as soon as the catheter is removed. A patient can resume work in a week or few days. There are no substantial complications noted during angioplasty. Angioplasty is rising due to increased coronary artery diseases due to several factor such as age, lifestyle, and already underlying conditions. Thus, the global angioplasty market is expected to broaden in upcoming years.

Diabetes Encourages Market to Expand

A person with diabetes has a higher chance of developing cardiovascular disease. People with diabetes are vulnerable to such disease known as peripheral artery disease (PAD). 12 million people are affected by PAD in the U.S., Framingham Heart Study data reveals that 20% of them had diabetes as an underlying condition. However, diabetes which results in artery disease are believed to be asymptomatic. However, occurrence of blood clots are higher in people with diabetes. It is important to note that the prevalence of such disease in people with diabetes depends on factors such as longevity of the condition, age, and lifestyle. This helps the global angioplasty balloon market to widen in forthcoming years.

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State of the art Healthcare Facility to Provide Impetus to Market

Rising healthcare facilities across the globe to prevent and treat prevalence of cardiovascular diseases happens to be one among the major driver in the global angioplasty balloon market. Angioplasty is one of the minimally invasive procedure with advanced technologies and products in place. Therefore, nudging the global angioplasty market towards substantial growth.

Moreover, rising awareness about the diseases, its treatment line, and its effects if not treated on time agitates the global angioplasty balloon market.

Erratic Lifestyle to Promote Growth

Most of the population leads a sedentary lifestyle, with no exercise regime, proper diet, erratic sleep, and prevalence of fast food leads to build up of stress and cholesterol in the body. Such people are at a high risk of developing heart diseases which can prove fatal at times. Timely medical intervention can prevent cardiac arrests. Rising geriatric population with such diseases or any disease which may underpin the heart issues may provide boost to the angioplasty balloon market. Thus, strengthening the global angioplasty market to witness a robust growth in upcoming years.

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Availability of substandard products at a low price may restrain the global angioplasty balloon market. Alternatively, due to high treatment cost low income strata cannot afford procedures like angioplasty. This may hinder the growth of global angioplasty balloon market. Nonetheless, Drug eluting procedures due to rapid technological advancements are expected to expand the global angioplasty balloon market. Drug eluting is a method where the drug is released into the blood vessel during expansions, thereby reducing accumulation of scar tissues. Drug eluting method is expected to open up avenues in the global angioplasty balloon market.

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