Short Bowel Syndrome cannot be cured. However, can be controlled with the right line of treatment. Short bowel syndrome affects the absorption of nutrients leading to malfunction of large and small intestines. This results in decrease of vital nutrients in a patient. There are several factors that can lead to short bowel syndrome. Sometimes it is congenital or other underlying health issues such as trauma to the intestine, intestine failures, and Crohn’s diseases. Thus, the global short bowel syndrome market is likely to strengthen in the upcoming years.

Patients with small bowel syndrome face weight loss due to non-absorption of nutrients. The only option available with these patients is surgical removal of partial or full small intestine

Genetic Reasons to Expand Market

Sometimes a baby is born with certain anomalies; such an anomaly associated with short bowel in new born is known as necrotizing enterocolitis. Necrotizing enterolcolitis happens in children who are either premature or unwell due to any other factor. Symptoms in young children may include vomiting, blood in stool, bloating, and poor feeding. The anomaly is not known until the baby is born and starts developing above mentioned. Therefore, there’s no treatment available for this. A child can only be administered medicines after the diagnosis of this disease.

European Medicines Agency declares it as a rare disease because it affects three persons per million. According to the statistics, 15000 people suffer from this condition in the global short bowel syndrome market.

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Crohn’s Disease to Add to Growth

Crohn’s disease affects digestive tract of a person resulting in loss appetite, poor absorption of nutrients. The conditions in Crohn’s disease worsen with aging. People with Crohn’s disease face the short bowel disorder. This drives the global short bowel syndrome market towards growth.  Since there is no cure available for treating short bowel syndrome, it can only be treated symptomatically with GLP2 drugs, glutamine, and growth hormone. If left untreated this condition can lead to life-threatening situations. In some severe cases, the only alternative is surgical removal of small intestine, either partially or whole. This acts a catalyst in the global short bowel syndrome market. One can live without a large intestine. However, living without a small intestine is hard. When small intestine is removed the nutrients are passed in blood stream through intravenous method.

Moreover, diseases such as cancer can also lead to short bowel syndrome which further helps in widening the scope of global short bowel syndrome market. Another factor that adds to the global short bowel syndrome market is internal injury to intestine due to trauma.

Increasing Awareness Programs to Drive Market

Since this disease falls under rare disease, right diagnosis is difficult. Therefore, several medical foundations and nonprofit organizations are investing to spread the awareness about this disease. This acts as a driving factor for the expansion in the global short term syndrome market.

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Side effects such as headache, nausea, cold, and flu arising from drugs may hinder the growth. Additionally, non-availability of authorized drug may also act as a restraint in the global short bowel syndrome market. However, despite the constraints the global short bowel syndrome market is expected to expand due to increasing awareness being spread by the short bowel syndrome drug manufacturers as well.

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