The rising demand for packaging food in food sector are propelling demand for the active packaging market. The increasing inclination of individual towards ready to eat food and stuff is fueling growth of the active packaging market. This trend is likely to expand in the coming years. In addition, surge in demand for sliced vegetables and fruits to boost growth of the global active packaging market. The changing lifestyle of population is likely to propel overall growth.

Introduction of advanced Active packaging products helps releasing specific quantity into ethanol into bakery and meat products and this is done to curb microbial growth in the packaged food items. In addition, growing urbanization couple with rise in disposable income is likely to support growth of the global active packaging in the coming years. Furthermore, increasing demand for exotic vegetable, fruits and frozen products and meat is positively driving demand for specialized packaging products.

On the other hand, the growing incorporation of active packaging materials for instance sorbent which is highly expensive is one of the trend negatively impacting market growth over the forthcoming period.  However, other factors such as bio sensors and nanomaterials are discovering the accumulation of gases within packaged food items are expected to open new opportunities in the active packaging market over the course of forecast period.

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The shift in trend from traditional technique of packaging and making products safe while keeping the internal and external factor of protection of product is influencing overall growth.

North America and Europe Lead in Terms of Adoption

 From a geographical point of view, Europe and North America is likely to lead global active packaging market owing to increasing technology advancement in the field of active packaging are likely to make their product affordable and this will further boost its demand in Asia Pacific region.


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