Surging Sales of Portable Dishwashers in Line with Preference for Compact and Economic Dishwashers, Finds FMI Study

According to the latest Future Market Insights (FMI) study, the portable dishwasher market is expected to exceed global sales of US$1 billion by 2019 end. Surging consumer preference for portable dishwasher along with the increasing focus on products that minimize human efforts while providing better efficiency are the factors fueling the growth of the portable dishwasher market.

Compact, lesser noise, low water and power consumption, low maintenance, space efficiency and cost-efficient product are some of the key demand determinants of portable dishwashers. In response to the growing demand for portable dishwashers, manufacturers are focusing on developing a portable dishwasher with convenient operation along with the low initial cost and low maintenance.

Moreover, portable dishwasher models with 5-10 place setting in terms of dishwashing capacity are likely to witness the highest growth owing to the compact size and low price point. The report expects portable dishwasher with 5-10 place setting capacity to account for nearly 70% market share in 2019.

As per the FMI study, portable dishwashers with a medium price range are likely to account for the highest share in the portable dishwasher market as compared to the low and high price range. With automation of dishwashing gaining popularity in the developing regions, portable dishwashers with medium price range are witnessing increasing adoption.

Europe to Hold Pole Position in Portable Dishwasher Market

Europe has emerged as the largest region in the portable dishwasher market with highest customer base. With environmental standards that require dishwashers in Europe to use less energy and water, manufacturers are focusing on developing water and energy-efficient portable dishwashers. Moreover, consumers in Europe are demanding portable dishwashers with reduced noise levels, hence, manufacturers in the region are using filters at the bottom of the machines instead of food disposers.

The FMI study also forecasts higher annual growth prospects for portable dishwasher market in North America in the coming years. Addition of some advanced features and technologies leading to the more efficient and quieter operation are likely to influence the demand for a portable dishwasher in the region.

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According to the FMI study, the portable dishwasher market global landscape is fairly fragmented with the presence of a large number of both multinational and regional players. However, leading players hold the major share in the global portable dishwasher market, while maintaining the strategic focus on developing high energy efficient portable dishwashers. In recent years, regional players in the portable dishwasher market have started seeking energy star certification to promote their products.

The FMI report also tracks portable dishwasher market for period 2019-2027. According to the report, the portable dishwasher market is expected to register a healthy 5.5% CAGR through 2027.

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