Polymer Testing Equipment Market Sales Surge with Rising Natural Fiber Manufacturing in Textile Industry, Finds FMI Study

Polymer Testing Equipment Market Sales Surge with Rising Natural Fiber Manufacturing in Textile Industry, Finds FMI Study

According to the latest Future Market Insights (FMI) study, sales of polymer testing equipment is expected to witness yearly growth of 5.4% in 2019. Majority of the demand in the polymer testing equipment market is attributed to the increasing number of application of polymer across various industries. Regulatory standards are also playing a key role in the growing adoption of polymer testing equipment for testing polymers and polymer-based materials or products.

In recent years, the textile industry has emerged as one of the highly lucrative investment pockets for polymer testing equipment manufacturers owing to the increasing use of polymer in the production of natural fibers such as jute, cotton, and other natural fibers. Natural fibers such as jute are largely used as the replacement for traditional reinforcement materials in composites to develop lightweight product with high toughness. Moreover, automotive companies in recent years have started using different types of natural fiber reinforced polymer composites in different automotive applications.

In addition, continues modification and innovation in the textile industry to meet the growing demand for new fibers is also boosting the demand for polymer testing equipment.

On the other hand, the application of polymers in the healthcare industry in medical devices and implants such as neurostimulators, pacemakers, and orthopedic joints is driving the need for polymer safety, this, in turn, is creating the need for extensive testing of polymers in implants and medical devices with the help of polymer testing equipment ensuring high quality products. In response to the growing demand for polymer testing equipment in the healthcare and medical industry, manufacturers are focusing on designing the testing equipment meeting the specific requirement of the engineered polymers in this industry.

Melt Flow Meters and Capillary Rheometers Emerging as Highly Attractive Polymer Testing Equipment

Melt flow meters and capillary rheometers are finding wide application in the research laboratories. Simplifying the process of determining the viscosity of polymer, rate of the deformation, and other rheological properties of composites or polymers such as fibers and plastics is driving the demand for capillary rheometers. While increasing testing of the melt flow resistance of a wide range of polymer materials is influencing the adoption of melt flow meters.

Manufacturers are focusing on developing technologically advanced Melt flow meters and capillary rheometers with new sensing technologies, control system, and analyzers ensuring the highest possible level of accuracy, sensitivity, and repeatability. Enhancing data analysis and reporting capabilities by integrating latest technology is also the key focus area of manufacturers.

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According to the FMI analysis, key manufacturers in the polymer testing equipment market are concentrating on improving the distribution network and building a strong customer relationship. Meanwhile, some of the leading players in the market are increasingly investing in product improvement with a focus on parameters such as temperature and torque range, in addition to the level of accuracy and precision.

The FMI report also tracks polymer testing equipment market for period 2019-2027. According to the report, the polymer testing equipment market is expected to register 5.5% CAGR through 2027.

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