Papain are cysteine proteolytic enzyme mainly found in papaya.  That is the reason they are  also known as by the name papaya proteinase. The enzyme is commonly used in meat industry to tenderize meat fibers. Apart from this, it is also used in food and beverage, textile & leather industry. Owing to increasing application, the papain market is growing at splendid rate in last few years.

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Blooming growth of the food and beverage industry across the globe is one of the strong factors behind rise of the papain market. Looking at the increasing demand of enzyme players are launching chemically processed papains enzyme in global market in order to balance supply and demand in the market. However, several end user prefer naturally occurring papain owing to the higher health benefits associated with them. Apart from this, there are several other factors which are expected to offer a substantial growth in the papain market. We have mentioned a few of them below, have a look-

  • Increasing use of papain in alcohol and brew industry is another strong factor expected to fuel the papain market. Papain are used to dissolved proteins in the beer and thus it aids in increasing the clarity of beer. The market will witness a high demand from thriving beer industry in the near future.
  • Another industrial application of papain in furniture industry, papain helps in removing unwanted wood particles from wood before dyeing them. Similarly, they are also used to remove hair form animal skin in leather manufacturing industry.
  • However, there are several factors which are expected to hamper growth in the papain market. A few people are allergic to papain and suffer cause symptoms ranging from itchiness to abdominal cramps, excessive sweating and diarrhea.
  • Lastly, papain are also used as cleansing agent for soft contact lenses and thus increases lens wearing time.

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