Rating Of Vehicles Based on Availability of Automatic Emergency Braking Feature Pushing Implementation of Automatic or Autonomous Emergency Braking

Automatic emergency braking or autonomous emergency braking helps in braking a vehicle by boosting the braking force so as to prevent rear end collision or any other collision. With increasing demand for passenger vehicles and luxury vehicles worldwide, the demand for advanced driver assistance systems is increasing which in turn […]

5G Infrastructure Market Rising on Edge of Increasing Vendors Participation

The 5G technology has potential to address futuristic demands from several end-user industries. The technology greatly contributes in developing a connected environment to enable socio-economic transformation. The tremendous rise in Internet of Things application, rise in data traffic volume are the two major growth drivers in the 5G infrastructure market. […]

Enticing Mechanical and Thermal Properties paves way for Widespread Adoption of Ceramic Substrate in Microelectronics

The global ceramic substrate market is likely to emerge attractive in the forthcoming years. The expanding applications of ceramic substrates in microelectronics is predicted to extend widespread opportunities for the growth of ceramic substrates market. Ceramics used in microelectronics display exceptional mechanical properties. The property is lent to carriers for […]

Aluminum Alloy Market: Rising Need for Lightweight Vehicles Ramps Up Market’s Growth Prospects

Rising applications across diverse sectors boost the global aluminum alloys market. For instance, the demand for materials capable of reducing overall weight of vehicles is considerably high in the automotive industry. Light-weight vehicles offer greater fuel efficiency, which is also a key reason behind their surging popularity. Aluminum alloys offer […]