The demand for frozen food gathers strength from rising popularity of ready-to-eat products. A wide assortment of products, notably including vegetables, fruits, spices, and meats have gained currency among consumers of frozen food. And, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies are focused on constantly extending this list to meet the current diversity of demand. Further, frozen foods have become a key underpinning for several FMCG companies to conquer new markets in emerging economies.

A key factor that bolsters the popularity of frozen food is the growing proposition of the fact that frozen food is equally healthy as fresh ones. For instance, in recent years there has been a plethora of favorable literature especially in online turf, which shatters the myth that frozen fruits and vegetables are less healthy that the fresh ones. Most of these focus on health and safety aspects. A growing variety of spices and condiments are hit shelves as frozen food and are fast gaining steam in emerging markets.

Rising Demand for Frozen Meat and Poultry bolsters Prospects

Convenience is one of the most compelling propositions that has spurred the demand for frozen foods in various regions across the globe. Changing lifestyles over the past few years across the region has led people seek variety of food in frozen to aid convenience in their hectic lifestyle pace. Over the past few years, lifestyles have become more hectic. This has invigorated the demand for frozen food as a healthy option. Rising demand for frozen meat and poultry among young demography is a notable trends boosting the market.

On the regional front, regions such as North America and Europe are developed markets for frozen food. In North America, a large chunk of revenues will be generated by the rising uptake of frozen food in the U.S. several European countries have also shown substantially large appetite for frozen food. On the other hand, Asia Pacific is showing vast potential for growth owing to rising disposable incomes of people and constantly burgeoning middle-class populations.

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Ensuring Proper Food Safety Key Challenge for Food Companies

However, ensuring proper food safety in frozen food has been considerable challenge for market players. On the other hand, implementation of industry regulations pertaining to safety and efficacy augurs well for the frozen food market. Moreover, in developed markets, food safety agencies have increases awareness about safe defrosting methods for consumers, especially for cooked meat or poultry. For instance, the United States Department of Agriculture lists different methods of proper thawing. Such awareness tends to bolster the attractiveness of frozen food in the food industry. The adoption of advanced technologies such as individual quick freezing (IQF) has helped food companies preserve the nutrients and enhance the shelf life of frozen food.

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