Straws are commonly used to sip cold beverages, they make liquid intake even and easy for the consumers. This is the reason several food and beverage service outlets are increasingly using them. These straws primarily made of plastics because of their easy availability and cheaper price.

However, these plastics straws have a very bad impact on the environment. Additionally, they are one of the greatest reasons for exploiting marine as well as animals live. One account of these several players in the food and beverage industry have decided to give up plastics straw and choose eco-friendly straws. This is one of the most prominent factors expected to drive the eco-friendly straws market in the coming few years.

Eco-friendly straws such as bamboo straw, compostable straws, metal & glass straws are replacing plastic straws, as latter one creates a large amount of plastic waste.

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Likewise, there are several other factors expected to drive the global eco-friendly straws market, we have mentioned a few of them below, have a look-

  • The extensive adoption of eco-friendly straws by the cafes, lounges, restaurants and roadside eateries is a major factor expected to drive the global eco-friendly straws market. In addition to this, the increasing inclination of the people towards to the non-plastics straws is propelling the growth of the eco-friendly straws market.
  • Along with this, the increase in the number of food outlets coupled with the thriving food and beverage industry is expected to drive the demand for paper straws in the next few years.
  • However, one factor which is expected to impede growth in the eco-friendly straws market is increase in price of straws and significant decrease usage flexibility of the straws. These factors are predominately effecting market growth specially in emerging regions.
  • Nevertheless, factors like increasing global awareness regarding reduction of non-degradable products, favorable government policies and increasing investments by government and private bodies are expected to offer a lucrative avenue to the growth of the eco-friendly straws market.

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