Connected (Smart) Street Lights Market to Reach up to US$ 3.71 Bn by 2025

The global connected (smart) street lights market shows a substantially fragmented competitive landscape due to the presence of several players dominating the global market as analyzed by Transparency Market Research (TMR). The key players in the market are making constant efforts to improve and introduce new products in the market. The incidence […]

Automated Packaging Systems Market Will See Strong Expansion Through 2026

Packaging is an essential feature in the product manufacturing process. It helps in protecting the products from dust, physical damage, and numerous other factors. Automated packaging systems reduces packaging cost, improves labor productivity, and maintains packaging quality. The growing trend of automation in the packaging industry is expected to further […]

Electric Bus Market – Battery Electric Bus of Electrification Types to Drive Demand

The global electric bus market is characterized by intense competition among the leading vendors, Finds Transparency Market Research (TMR). In addition, the vendors operating in the conventional buses are expected to enter into electric bus market and this likely to intensify the competition between among the present leading operators. Some of the […]

Off-highway Vehicle Market: Rise In Automation and Usage of Machinery To Ease The Work of Humans In Various Industries Such As Agriculture, Construction, Mining, and Infrastructure Drives Demand

Off-road vehicles are capable of driving on and off tiled or pebbly surfaces. They generally have large tires with deep, open treads, and flexible suspensions. The most common use of these vehicles is for traveling or driving in areas that do not have asphalt roads. Higher clearance and higher power enables these vehicles to access trails and roads that have rough and low-traction surfaces. Increase […]

Diapers Market – Reduced Infant Mortality and Rising Incomes Makes Baby Diapers Major Revenue Generators

The global diapers market is difficult to crack on account of high entry barriers. This is mainly because of the steep upfront capital required to set up the manufacturing units for making products. In addition, mandates pertaining to commercialization of diapers manufacturing and several clinical trials needed to approve products, which makes […]