The Next Frontier of Virtual Reality (VR) in Healthcare

Virtual Reality is set to revolutionise the Healthcare industry.You’re floating in nature’s paradise. You see a clear sky, the stars are shining bright and you feel like holding it all up in your hands. When you look down, you see peaceful waves hitting the sands. You’re walking on the seashore, and feeling the majestic waves crashing on your legs.

The integration of IT solutions and principles in the field of healthcare is bringing about a transformation in the way patients are treated and services are provided by healthcare practitioners. The vast benefits of digitally managed processes and operations are prompting an increasing number of companies in the healthcare sector to shift from conventional manually operated devices and processes to newer and more efficient software-enabled solutions. An emerging technology to have become a prominent part of the rapidly digitizing healthcare industry is virtual reality (VR) – a computer enabled technology used to simulate three dimensional interactive virtual environments.

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Frontier of Virtual Solutions Aimed at Changing the Face of Healthcare by :

Advancing Autism Therapy

Reducing Chronic Pain

Relaxing Hospitalized Patients

Restoring Low Vision

Enhancing Physicians Care to Elderly

Speeding up Recovery After Traumatic Brain Injury

Watching Operations

When we think about VR, we tend to associate it with the entertainment genre. Although VR indeed set sails to enhance the demanding gamer’s experience, it has also made significant improvements to the lives of people with autism, lazy eye, chronic pain, and other health conditions.

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