Cycling Apparel Market

Cycling Apparel Market Rising on Increasing Adoption of Cycle as a Mode of Transport

Cycling apparel refers to a wide range of cloths that are worn by a cyclist, generally a professional cyclist. Some of the commonly used cycling apparels are cycling jerseys, cycling jacket cycling shorts, and cycling wind coats. These cloths are specially designed to keep body temperature low at the time of cycling and give comfort to the cyclist. Along with these cycling apparel like jackets, shorts have a special neon strip. This prevents accidents by increasing visibility of cyclist especially during night. Some of the other factors that could influence the global cycling apparel market are-

• Increase in number of bicycle sales is a prominent factor increasing the demand for cycling apparel. This is expected to fuel the global cycling apparel market in the coming years.

• Moreover, rise in health consciousness and increase in adoption of green transportation among consumers are some other factors fuelling demand for cycles across the globe, this in turn is driving the cycling apparel market.

• In consonant with consumer demand, cycling apparel manufacturers are collaborating with local brands to increase their product reach. This is helping them reach untapped customer base. Along with this, top manufacturers are introducing a wide range of novel cycling apparels to gain customer loyalty for their brand.

• Increasing penetration of e-commerce owing to the increasing adoption of smart phones is strengthening supply chain of the cycling apparel manufacturer. The presence of robust supply chain is a vital factor propelling the global cycling apparel market.

• The rising inclination of the consumers towards cycling owing to inherent health benefits is likely to increase the number of cyclists. Along with this, cycling is regarded as environmentally and economically a sustainable activity. This is because it promotes environment health along with physical health. For instance, in the U.S. demand of cycle is quadrupled in past few years, reveals World Bank analysis.

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• However, a major restraining factor in the global cycling apparel market is increasing number of cyclist deaths across the globe has induced a sense of hesitation regarding the use of cycle among several people. This could hamper growth of the global cycling apparel market.

• The demand for cycling apparel across the globe has witnessed a remarkable growth. This is underpin by various factors including comfort, reducing air resistance, increase breathability and wind block. This in turn pushing the growth of cycling apparel market.

• Geographically, European countries have reflected impressive growth in cycling culture. This can be related with the recent surge in the introduction of electric and hybrid cycles. As per a report by World Bank around 60 percent people in Finland use bicycles whereas Netherlands enjoys the top position with highest number of bicycle users.

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