Increasing Adoption of Cloud Computing to Bolster Demand in Global Secure Web Gateway Market

Secure Web gateway removes the harmful malware for example, app control for Skype and instant messaging (IM) and malicious- code detection from internet traffic. Secure web gateway safeguards user information during their connection to unregulated networks, along with an effective protection policy. Secure web gateway gives high-end web security through […]

Smart and Mobile Supply Chain Solutions: Changing E-commerce Landscape| Logistics gets smart in Industry 4.0

The demand within the global market for smart and mobile supply chain solutions has been rising on account of the tremendous advancements that have offset in the domain of productions and supply. Supply chains have emerged as the most important component of several industries because the production and sales cycle […]

How Augmented Reality Is Driving Today’s Automotive Industry

In recent years, relentless research and constant development activities in autonomous vehicle systems have spurred the demand for augmented reality (AR) technologies world over. The vastly rising demand for AR technologies in the automotive sector rides on the back of the evolution of augmented-reality head-mounted displays. These automotive head-up display […]

Temperature Sensor Market: Quantitative Market Analysis, Current and Future Trends

Temperature sensors refer to devices which helps in recording data related to temperature. A temperature sensor helps in converting any voltage or current into a specific numerical value. Advanced temperature sensors are also used in research and development facilities with various scientific uses. The contact and non-contact temperature sensors form […]