Allergic Conjunctivitis Market

Allergic Conjunctivitis Market – Advent of Pharmacological Agents with Better Safety and Efficacy bolsters Market Growth

The report on the global allergic conjunctivitis market presents a granular assessment of the key growth dynamics, current lucrative avenues, key macroeconomic developments, and the competitive landscape in various regions. The study takes a closer look at emerging frontiers and key challenges faced by top players in the global allergic conjunctivitis market.

The global allergic conjunctivitis market is projected to rise at promising growth rate and cross a valuation of US$2 billion by the end of 2025. Allergic conjunctivitis is rapidly gaining relevance among allergists and ophthalmologists engaged in the treatment of ocular allergy in worldwide populations. Growing number of underdiagnoses and underreporting of the condition have been crucial factors underpinning the vast unmet needs in patient populations.

The global allergic conjunctivitis market is propelled by the rising incidence of the disease, especially in the past couple decades. Growing awareness about ocular allergic diseases is a notable trend driving the evolution of the market. Rapid improvements made in healthcare infrastructures, especially in emerging economies, are catalyzing the steady expansion of the market. The advent of pharmacological agents with better safety and efficacy profiles has expanded the horizon in recent years. In recent years, several studies have evaluated the efficacy and safety of medications such as OTX-DP, PRT-2761, ADX-102, and Zerviate. As a result, various therapeutics have gained acceptance in global healthcare systems.

Rapidly aging populations in developing countries is a crucial trend bolstering the demand for allergic conjunctivitis treatments. The market’s growth is also propelled by the growing awareness about diseases such as giant papillary conjunctivitis, atopic keratoconjunctivitis, vernal keratoconjunctivitis, perennial allergic conjunctivitis, and seasonal allergic conjunctivitis. Among these, seasonal and perennial types accounts for the leading share in the global allergic conjunctivitis.

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Among the various regions in the global allergic conjunctivitis market, China holds a prominent share dominates vis-à-vis patient populations. However, the U.S. accounts for the leading share in the global market. This can be attributed to several factors such as heightened awareness, robust healthcare infrastructure and support systems, and a wide patient base in the country.

Rapid advances and recent developments in pipe line drugs for allergic conjunctivitis in developing and developed regions will shape the contours of the market. Key of them are ST-266, SYL-116011, Reproxalap, Bertilimumab, and CVXL-0074. Several of them are in Phase I, Phase II and Phase III clinical stage. Growing researchers’ understanding of immunologic mechanisms underlying allergic conjunctivitis have created new, exciting frontiers in the market.

Prominent players operating in the global allergic conjunctivitis market include Alcon (Novartis), Ocular Therapeutix, Portola Pharmaceuticals, Santen Pharmaceutical, and CVXL-0074.

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