New Era in Sustainable Packaging Market | Packaging Revolution Against Plastic Waste

Initiatives taken by sustainable packaging manufacturers to use environmental friendly packaging materials and technology in packaging products, has been supported by various organizations as well as governments. Sustainable packaging manufacturers are looking towards developing biodegradable plastics that will reduce carbon footprint. With a growing demand for a sustainability driven world, packaging experts and consumer products companies are focusing on “green packaging”.

Rampant Plastic Packaging Waste Prompts at Emergency of Adopting Sustainable Packaging Solutions

“More than 200 million tons waste created by plastics cause major landfill issues”. This is majorly reduced by the use of sustainable packaging.  Changing lifestyle has created the demand for packaging, consumers started investing more on packed food & beverages. The global demand for packaging has increased substantially in the last couple of decades, and packaging manufacturers have now been focusing on the use of biodegradable plastics as opposed to conventional plastics. This global push has led to the growth in demand for sustainable packaging solutions.

Manufacturers in Asia Pacific region are concerned about the rising packaging waste. High consumption rate of plastic packaging products has created millions of tons of waste. Policy makers are playing a major role in creating a sustainable environment. So, governments in the APAC region are emphasizing on biodegradable and bio plastics for packaging. Government organizations actively support and promote the use of bioplastics.

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The key trends of industry include reduction or light weighting, increased recycling, recovery of waste, increased use of renewable products, increased utilization of recycled material and improvements in packaging and logistics. In the coming years it is expected that edible packaging products made of natural ingredients will become more popular. A range of international companies, including Hovis, have launched renewable polyethylene-based bread packaging. The packaging formats of Dixie Egg Company, Gillette Razors, and Wolfgang Puck Coffee, etc… are excellent. This style of packaging is not only environmentally friendly, these would be alluring enough for the customers. Such trends are expected to positively influence the global sustainable packaging market in the coming years.

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