Stretchable Conductive Material Market Overview by Key Factors, Scope, Drivers 2017 – 2025

A highly stretchable conductive material is transparent and self-healing by nature, which can be electrically triggered. This material can be used to power the artificial muscles and can be used to improve the performance of the robots, batteries and electrical devices.Free standing method, hierarchically reticulated single-wall carbon nanotubefilms are being embedded into polydimethylsiloxane for the purpose of fabricating stretchable conductors. Stretchable conductors are extremely transparent in visible lights and it retains excellent conductivity under the large tensile strain. Strain tests used to reveal a unique strain dependence behavior of resistance and the resistance stabilization has been achieved upon the repetitive stretch and release, implied that the single walled carbon nanotube stretchable conductors can be easily programmed to remain reversibly stretched within a defined strain without any resistance changes.

For purpose of doing in depth analysis, Stretchable Conductive Material market has been segregated on the basis of material type, application and geography. Based on material types the market has been categorized mainly into four types; graphene, carbon nanotubes, silver and copper. By application, Stretchable Conductive Material market is segmented mainly into four types they are like wearable’s, biomedical devices, photovoltaic and cosmetic goods. Furthermore, this report will also provide cross functional analysis of all above mentioned segments across the different regions like North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Latin America.

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Some of the key factors which is responsible for the growth of this market is the growing demand for the carbon nanotubes which has seen increasing demand in different applications like field emission display, integrated circuit, hydrogen storage and the lithium ion batteries, solar photo voltaic cells, fuel cells and the drug delivery. Continuously increasing commercialization in the industrial sector, technological advancement , improved quality and the advancement in the product with the growing usage of the carbon nanotubes are likely to drive the growth of Stretchable Conductive Material market.The increasing adoption of the stretchable electronics is driving the growth of this market during the forecasted period from 2017 to 2025.

In addition to that rapid growth of usage of graphene in touchscreen technology mainly used in smart phones in the consumer electronics industry  is also anticipated to increase the demand of stretchable conductive material in the upcoming years.The capability of the stretchable conductive material to fit in to the body shapes is also one of the  major reason for  growth of the biomedical device market.In turn this will also expected to create an impact in Stretchable Conductive Material market in a positive way during the forecasted period of 2017-2025.

The declining lifespan of stretchable circuits and highly time-consuming and difficult manufacturing process are the key factors which is restricting the growth of stretchable conductive material market. The occurrence of the disarray in transverse oscillation of the carbon nanotubes in all types of precise micro nano mechanical system has a very strong impact on the steadiness and the precision of micro nano systems. These constraints in the carbon nanotubes are also acting as a constraint for the Stretchable Conductive Material market.

By type of materials, carbon nanotube held the largest market share because of its growing usage in the field emission display, integrated circuit, hydrogen storage, lithium-ion battery, solar Photo voltaic cells and fuel cells. However, graphene is projected to achieve steady growth in the forecasted period.

Geographically, Stretchable Conductive Material market is being primarily driven by Asia Pacific region.  High growth in the wearable devices and in the biomedical applications is driving this market. Increasing number of electronic equipment manufacturers in this region is further expected to drive the growth of Stretchable Conductive Material market in Asia Pacific (APAC) region. This region is anticipated to maintain its dominance in the market during the forecasted period from 2017-2025 owing to the presence of huge number of consumer electronics equipment manufacturers in countries like China,India, South Korea and Japan among others.

Some of the leading players operating in Stretchable Conductive Material market includes Lotte Advanced Materials ltd. (South Korea), 3M Company (The U.S.), Toyobo Co., Ltd. (Japan), Dupont& Co. (the U.S.), Applied Nanotech, Inc. (The U.S.) and Vorbeck Materials Corp. (The U.S.) among others.

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