Diamond Jewelry Market Overview On Revolutionary Trends by 2025

A diamond is one of the most precious gemstones. Mankind has known diamonds since ancient times and used the gemstone as a decorative item for different jewelry and ornaments. The high dispersion of light and its hardness gives diamond its characteristic of fire gemstone which makes it useful for applications in the industrial sector and in jewelry. […]

Microbial Identification Market Revenue and Share by Manufacturers 2015 – 2023

Microbial identification is the process of identifying harmful bacteria and fungi that may contaminate raw materials, manufacturing facilities and branded products. Accurate and definitive microbial identification is critical for disease diagnosis and treatment of infections. Bacterial identification is widely used across manufacturing facilities, clinical settings and environmental studies. Earlier, bacterial […]

Movement Disorder Market Industry Demands, Top Key Players, Industry Analysis & Forecast By 2014 – 2020

Movement disorders are neurological diseases and syndromes affecting the ability to generate and control movement. This disorder mainly affects brain, spinal cord and nerves throughout the body giving rise to cerebrovascular diseases, degenerative diseases of adult life, trauma, neuro-genetic diseases, developmental disorders, metabolic diseases, convulsive disorders, infectious diseases and brain […]

Utility Communication Market | Future of Energy & Utilties With Blockchain & IoT

Utility communication is a set of technologies and devices used to coordinate various parts of a complicated utilities distribution system. It monitors & controls grid equipment, measures network performance, and delivers real-time information. Advancement in IT systems led to the development of automated distribution networks for utilities (power, energy, etc.) […]

Online Travel Booking Platform Market- Technological breakthroughs, Value chain and stakeholder analysis by 2026

The travel booking sector has undergone a huge transformation over the last couple of year due to technology advancement and internet. Nowadays travelers prefer online booking platforms to browse, search, and book their tickets. Online travel booking platforms provide various booking services such as accommodation, travel, customer stay review, rental […]