Network Advisory Services Market- Emergence of Advanced Technologies and Global Industry Analysis 2026!!

IT companies are adopting new technologies with new IT infrastructure for future need of businesses in order to overcome the lack of resources with knowledge of modern IT infrastructure. Network advisory services primarily examine and manage the existing network of a company in terms of its limitations and development opportunities. On the basis of examination, the foundation of IT infrastructure is created by the service provider to prepare the investment plans. Examination of IT infrastructure includes network infrastructure, network security, and supportability. For network infrastructure development, asset inventory list, network topology diagram and documentation, and IP routings are provided by network advisory services. For improvement in network security, network advisory services inspect the existing security infrastructure components and risks in the networks. These services help to improve equipment lifecycle strategy and their maintenance. Enterprises face the risk of single point of failure, improper access control, and misconfigured devices which create issues in enterprise networks. IT Asset lifecycle can be improved with resources that have better IT asset knowledge which would help to provide quick solution on IT asset issues. In order to maintain good relationship with companies, vendors are providing 24×7 support to their customers to resolve issues associated with network and IT infrastructure.

The global network advisory services market is driven by rise in demand for managed outsourced services for IT asset management and adoption of modern IT infrastructure solutions. Additionally, network advisory service providers are expected to adopt new trend by providing complementary services to clients, such as networking services, IT professional services, and managed services in IT asset management and maintenance. IT professional services include dedicated resources to manage customer network and IT infrastructure development of a company. Such complementary services can create opportunities for service providers to capture additional market share. Some of the network advisory service providers do not satisfy organizations requirement for modern IT infrastructure solutions, which can restrain the network advisory services market growth.  Whereas, several service providers are mainly focused on customer satisfaction with service and solution offerings for IT infrastructures development.

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The global network advisory services market can be segmented based on application, end-user, enterprise size, and geography. Based on application, the network advisory services market can be divided into software advisory services, third party risk management, digital supplier management, and program and project management. In terms of end-user, the network advisory services market can be categorized into government, banking financial services and insurance (BFSI), health care, information technology (IT) & telecom, retail, automotive, education, and manufacturing. Based on enterprises size, the network advisory services market can be segmented into small & medium enterprises and large enterprises. Based on geography, the global network advisory services market can be segmented into South America, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Europe, and North America. North America is expected to be a dominant market for network advisory services in the near future. Rise in demand for outsourced managed network advisory services to maintain and develop IT infrastructure is the major factor driving the growth of network advisory services market in the region. Asia Pacific is expected to a fast growing market for network advisory services in the next few years due to increase in adoption of modern infrastructure by the IT sector and rise in popularity of outsourced services in the IT and service sectors. Service providers are offering network advisory services to retain their existing customers, increase revenue through satisfactory services, and improve services with latest technologies to maintain their dominance in market.

Key players operating in the global network advisory services market include Information Services Group, Capgemini SE, International Business Machines Corporation, Catapult Systems, Ciena Corporation, Cognizant, RSM International Association, ActiveSystems, API2Cart, AppsForte, Inc., Access Technology Solutions Inc., Avanade Inc, Aventis Systems, Inc., BLUESKY IT PARTNERS, Ciber Momentum, Byrnes Communications, and Affirma Consulting.

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