Waterjet Cutting Machinery Market to Reach US$ 4,246.8 Mn by 2026

Global Waterjet Cutting Machinery Market – Snapshot

A waterjet cutting machine is an industrial appliance which is used for the purpose of cutting various materials with the help of high pressure jet of water or mixture of water and abrasive material. Pure waterjet is used for cutting soft material such as wood and rubber whereas hard materials such as granite and metal are cut with the help of abrasive waterjet.

North America and Europe are pioneers in the field of waterjet cutting machinery. Waterjet cutting technology being versatile and environmental friendly is installed in various manufacturing plants across North America and Europe. New research and development are carried out in these regions to produce more efficient waterjet cutting machine, thus lowering maintenance cost.

The key strengths of waterjet cutting technology are versatility and environmental friendliness. Versatility of cutting any soft or hard material is the key strength of waterjet cutting machines. Water which is abundantly available is the key raw material of waterjet technology and hence no other raw material cost is involved. In terms of environmental friendliness, the technology is a cold cutting process and environment friendly unlike laser cutting or plasma cutting.

The study provides a decisive view of the global waterjet cutting machinery market by segmenting it in terms of product type, machine size, application, pressure range,and horse power. In terms of product type, waterjet cutting machinery is classified as 3D waterjet cutting, micro waterjet cutting, and robotic waterjet. Based on machine size, the market is classified as small size, medium size, and large size. On the basis of end-use application, the market is segmented into job and machine shop, exotic metal and non-traditional material cutting, machine manufacturing, ceramic/ stone cutting, glass/ metal artwork, gasket cutting, fiberglass cutting, surgical instrument manufacturing, foam product cutting, slitting operations, electronics and others. In terms of pressure range, the market is segmented into up to 4,200 bar and more than 4,200 bar. Further on the basis of horse power, the market is segmented into 0 to 50 HP, 51 to 100 HP, and others.

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3D waterjet cutting can be a one dimensional waterjet cutting system, two dimensional waterjet cutting system, or three dimensional waterjet cutting system. One dimensional waterjet cutting systems generally use pure water for cutting metals which is also known as pure waterjet cutting process. Two dimensional waterjet cutting systems are the most popular. A three dimensional waterjet system has five axes and are generally used in heavy-duty applications. Three dimensional waterjet cutting can be used both as a pure waterjet cutting process or abrasive waterjet cutting process

EDM shops are seeing rising adoption of waterjet cutting machines as the cost of these machines is less compared to electrical discharge machining (EDM) cutting machines. In EDM cutting machines, the heat generated has a temperature ranging from 8,000 degree Celsius to 12,000 degree Celsius. On the other hand, waterjet cutting machines create no heat affected zones (HAZ). As waterjet cutting machines produce no HAZ, the metal that is cut is not thermally deformed. Thus, there is a rising demand for small, medium, and large waterjet cutting machines from EDM shops across the world.

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The study includes market attractiveness analysis by product type, machine size, application, pressure range, and horse power. The market attractiveness analysis is benchmarked based on growth rate or CAGR, market share, and incremental opportunity and general attractiveness.

The report highlights major companies operating in the global waterjet cutting machinery market. Key players in the market include DARDI International Corp., ESAB Group Inc., KMT Waterjet Systems, Inc., A Innovative International Ltd., Flow International Corp., Bystronic Laser AG, Water Jet Sweden AB, Waterjet Corporation S.R.L., WARDJet Inc., TNLB Corporation, NLB Corporation, BFT GmbH, Resato international BV, OMAX Corporation, Uhde High Pressure Technologies GmbH, Hypertherm Inc., Jet Edge Waterjet System, OH Precision Corp., Hughes Pumps Ltd., Waterjet Systems International, and Water Jet Germany Private Ltd.

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