Disposable Cutlery Market

On-the-go Food Consumption Patterns gather Steam in Disposable Cutlery Market

ResearchMoz.us has announced the addition of a report, titled “Disposable Cutlery Market: Global Industry Analysis 2013-2017 and Opportunity Assessment 2018-2028”. The report on the global disposable cutlery market offers in-depth insights into the key growth dynamics, promising avenues, changing end-user preferences, and the competitive dynamics. The global disposable cutlery market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 4.7% from 2018 to 2028. The study takes a closer look at the market scope of key segments such as fabrication process, product type, sales channel, and end use.

Growing consumer preference for online food delivery services in various countries across the world is a prominent factor driving the demand for disposable cutlery. Over the past few years, on-the-go food trend has picked up immense steam world over, especially among millennials. The demography is increasingly attracted by cost-effective and convenient food service solutions, which has catalyzed the demand for disposable cutlery.

Attractive strides have been made by the food service companies and restaurants in relation to their business models. This has fueled the prospects of disposable cutlery. Advancement made in packaging of food by quick service restaurants has also favored the rapid expansion of the market. This is attributed to their preference for biodegradable plastic disposable cutlery for sustainable ends. This is notably evident in India, Singapore, and France.

Manufacturers and retailers of disposable cutlery are tapping into the substantially rising potential in Asia Pacific. This is propelled by the changing food preferences of people in developing and developed economies of the region. On-the-go food consumption is fast gaining traction among these customers creating abundant opportunities for market players.

The global disposable cutlery will also witness large gains from the proliferation of the online food service industry in countries such as China. In America, the trend of eating away from home’ has picked up considerable pace over the past few years. These trends are spurring the demand for disposable cutlery.

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The growing menace of plastic pollution has resulted in stringent regulations on the ban of single-use plastics in recent times. This has imparted a momentum to the adoption of plant-based materials for manufacturing disposable cutlery. Increasing initiative by manufacturers for bio-based disposable cutlery to use rice, corn, sorghum, and wheat bran is a case in point. The rising demand for disposable cutlery in outdoor social occasions notably marriage events, social club meetings, and community get-togethers is expanding the potential of the global disposable cutlery market.

Several companies in the global disposable cutlery market are focusing on new product launches and are engaged in consolidating their manufacturing capacities. Some of the prominent players in the disposable cutlery market are Anchor Packaging Inc., Gold Plast SpA, Genpak, LLC, Biopac UK Ltd, Georgia-Pacific LLC, and Pactiv LLC.

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