Automated Smart Locker System Market- High Penetration of Smartphones and Growth in Digitalization

Automated Smart Locker System Market – Introduction

An automated smart lock system is a combination of intelligent electronic lock hardware with powerful applications in a complete package. The modern automated smart locker system offers a multipurpose, customizable electronic platform that provides customers a secure space to drop off, transfer, receive, and store parcels or packages and other items. Automated smart locker systems use RFID technology.

Automated smart locker systems are easy to use. These systems aid collaboration, maximize space, provide better flexibility, and drive productivity compared to traditional lockers. Automated smart locker systems are designed to be compatible with all locking system manufacturers. An automated smart locker system has a place to recharge portable devices and store belongings. They have customizable options for different work environments. Features of automated smart locker systems include real-time locker reservation and scheduling, remote system management, operational and reporting control, and live locker unit monitoring.

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Automated Smart Locker System Market – Competitive Landscape

  • In April 2019, LockTec provided its smart luggage lockers to customers of Danish railway at the Aarhus train station.
  • In January 2019, Planex Sales Pty Ltd (Planex) introduced xLocker2, a storage solution for mobile workers.

Bell & Howell

Founded in 1907, Bell & Howell has its headquarters in Durham, North Carolina. Bell & Howell is involved in developing hardware and software solutions for customers. The company offers a wide range of products, including shopping cart retrieval, automated grocery kiosks, pharmacy automation solutions, intelligent smart lockers, high-volume automated smart lockers, and automated pickup towers.

Modern Office Systems, LLC

Incorporated in 1982, Modern Office Systems, LLC is based in New York, United States. The company is engaged in the designing and installation of records management and storage system solutions. It offers a large number of products including smart locker systems, mobile storage systems, shelving storage solutions, modular casework storage, and locker solutions for the healthcare community, day use locker, custom storage islands, library solutions, and pharmacy storage solutions.

Nuwco Ltd.

Established in 2015, Nuwco Ltd. is a technology manufacturer and distributor, offering a wide range of products including tablet charging lockers, laptop charging lockers, Chromebook charging trolleys, and intelligent lockers.

Bradford Systems Corporation

Founded in 1968, Bradford Systems Corporation is based in Elmhurst, Illinois and a leading manufacturer of electronics products and services and serves education, corporate, healthcare, museum, library, music filing, automotive, industrial, athletic, vertical farming, public safety, and military sectors. It provides solutions for smart lockers, employee lockers, day lockers, public safety lockers, athletic locker rooms, and recreation lockers.

Some of the significant players in the automated smart locker system market are LockTec GmbH, Smartbox Ecommerce Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bell and Howel, KIOSK Information Systems, Meridian Kiosks, Southwest Solutions Group, Modern Office Systems, LLC., Nuwco Ltd., Ricoh USA, Inc., American Locker, Planex Sales Pty Ltd (Planex), and Bradford Systems Corporation, among others.

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Automated Smart Locker System Market – Dynamics

High penetration of smartphones and growth in digitalization

Growth of the automated smart locker system market can be attributed to the ubiquitous usage of mobile phones, tablets, and similar devices for facilitating the communication process. Trends of adoption of automated smart locker systems is on the rise, as the demand for smart locks surges. The growing digitalization is projected to augment the demand for automated smart locker systems. Individual customers and business organizations are reducing the use of keys and going digital. Digitalization enables users and organizations to transfer key codes from one location to another to a person to unlock a system using mobile computing devices such as tablets and smartphones. As a result, the automated smart locker system market is likely to grow at an impressive pace in the next few years.

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