Bioremediation Technology & Services Market: Emerging Trends, Business Growth Opportunities, Major Driving Factors

Bioremediation is a scientific waste management process that uses various, fungi, microorganisms, green plants and their enzymes to reinstate the environment to its original state after removing pollutants from a contaminated site. Bioremediation of water and soil, which is polluted by oil and other industrial waste; is performed by a […]

Energy and Utility Companies Reap the Benefits of Digital Transformation

Technical developments are important for the digitization of industries, mainly the power industry. The power industry is increasingly identifying the importance of digital technologies, which is expected to expand the market during the forecast period. Businesses have recognized the returns of digitalization and are now concentrating on two important aspects: […]

Smart Pole: IoT Smart City Solution – The Next Generation of Wireless Densification

Installation of the smart poles is likely to digitally transform the definition of the public street lights. Government initiatives regarding implementation of the smart city plan has led the street light manufacturers to integrate enhanced technology and multifunctional features. As internet connectivity comprises an important part of the smart city […]

Cloud Monetization Market: Rise In Awareness About The Recurring Revenue By Use Of Cloud Billing Is Boosting The Cloud Monetization Market

Cloud monetization offers a revenue management system for digital service providers by delivering hosted services through the Internet with significant cost benefits and on-demand access to any service or resource in any volume. It is used to manage customer relationships, create customer accounts, charge for services, and analyze and collect […]

Coconut Snacks Industry | Business Analysis and Evolutionary Growth by Global Investor

Coconut snacks are marketed basically in two forms sweet bars and chips with a variety of flavors and excipients including chocolate, milk, and others. The global coconut snacks market is expected to register significant CAGR, attributed to increasing demand for convenience food increasing health consciousness among consumers and growing food […]

Flavored Salt Market Trends Industry Analysis by Size, Top Manufacturers, Opportunities and Forecast to 2027

Flavored salts contains various flavors such as butter, garlic, onion, and others that helps in enhancing the flavor of various food products globally. Flavored salts are used for enhancing texture and flavors to food and beverage products. In addition, flavored salts possess better solubility along with high mineral content. Flavored […]

Glycyrrhizin Market Assesment Report -Worldwide Opportunities, Revenue, Production, Demand and Geographical Forecast To 2027

Glycyrrhizin is a chemical which is found in the roots of Glycyrrhiza glabra (liquorice), the plants belongs to legume family. Glycyrrhiza glabra is native to the regions of Asia Pacific and Western Europe. It’s been ages that glycyrrhizin is used as an herbal medicine in china. Glycyrrhizin is also used […]