Industrial Scrubber Market: Latest Industry Trends, Trades, Supply, Demand, Prospects by 2023

An industrial scrubber is an air pollution control device that is used for removing particles or gases from industrial exhaust systems. Such industrial scrubbers are generally used in factories that use or emit harmful gases or dangerous chemicals to carry out their production processes. These scrubbers are also capable of reducing emissions from exhaust systems that are not associated with chemicals or toxic fumes. It captures both solid and gas particles and prevents them from entering into the atmosphere, thus saving against ozone depletion and global warming.

On the basis of types, the industrial scrubber market is segmented into dry scrubbers and wet scrubbers. The dry scrubber market is further segmented into dry spray absorbers and dry sorbent injectors among others. The wet scrubber market is further segmented into sulphuric acid scrubbers, dust or particulate scrubbers, chlorine scrubbers, ammonia scrubbers, particulate or venture scrubbers and gas or chemical scrubbers among others. On the basis of orientation, the market is segmented into vertical orientation and horizontal orientation. On the basis of end-use industries, the industrial scrubber market is segmented into automotives, oil and gas, food and beverage, maritime and chemicals among others.

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The increasing stringent government policies in the developed economies to monitor air polluting factors are the prime factor fuelling the growth of industrial scrubber market. Such stringent policies drive the manufacturing plants to install these scrubbers so as to comply with the regulations. For instance, the State Environment Protection Policy (SEPP) in Australia implements stringent controls on industrial pollutants that are highly toxic resulting in adverse health conditions. Such stringent controls protect and ensure well being of living beings thereby supporting the deployment and growth of industrial scrubber market.

Another factor fuelling the growth of industrial scrubber market is the initiatives taken by the industries to implement scrubbers to save time and labor costs on clean-up methods of exhaust systems. Industrial scrubbers reduce the amount of time and labor required for the cleaning tasks of exhaust systems thereby enhancing revenues. However, industrial scrubbers need to be periodically checked and maintained for ensuring smooth operation and optimum efficiency. Also, since industrial scrubbers are complex in methods of operation, formulating maintenance procedures that fit all industrial scrubbers is difficult. Due to such complexities involved in maintaining industrial scrubbers, some industries are reluctant in implementing their use and prefer the conventional methods for handling the exhaust systems. Government regulations in the developing economies to control the air pollution where there are increasing numbers of industries being setup provides tremendous growth opportunities for industrial scrubber market.

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For providing innovative air pollution control equipment, some of the major players in industrial scrubber market are being awarded with several new projects for designing the scrubber systems. For instance, KCH Services Inc., one of the prominent players in industrial scrubber market, on November 4, 2013, was awarded the contract of designing exhaust air handling equipment by a solar manufacturing company.

This solar manufacturing company provides high quality crystalline photovoltaic products and makes use of chemicals that are highly corrosive. Due to the efficiency of KCH Services Inc. for offering quality air pollution control equipment, the project was awarded to this company. Some of the other prominent players in the market include Croll Reynold Inc., Fabritech Engineers, Beltran Technologies, Inc., Hamon Research-Cotttrell Inc. and Edlon Inc.

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