The global shelf-life testing market deals with a vast set of products, tools, devices, and services used to accurately determine the best before or use by dates for products such as foods and beverages, cosmetics, and medicines has been exhibiting substantial growth over the past few years. The shelf-life testing markethas especially garnered massive traction recently owing to the increased demand in the foods and beverages industry. The food and beverages industry continues to be the leading consumer of shelf-life testing services, thanks to the rising prevalence of food-borne disease worldwide and the growing awareness regarding these rising incidences.

The report reveals critical data regarding the key drivers and restraints in the global shelf-life testing market. The shelf-life testing market size has been examined on the basis of contemporary trends as well as historical performance. The forecast period of 2018 to 2025 gives in-depth insight into the upcoming patterns in the market. The research includes information gathered from primary and secondary sources. Primary sources consist of interview responses of experienced industry experts in order to ensure accuracy. Premium journals, company presentations, industry association, annual reports, internal database are the secondary sources of the report.

The key factors driving the global shelf-life testing market include increasing food trade, growing incidence of foodborne illnesses, rising food recalls, stringent regulatory practices, and easier access to new testing technologies. The shelf-life testing market is also significantly influenced by the employment of technologically advanced equipment and techniques, which are making processes and outcomes more reliable. Concerns regarding food safety have impelled food and beverage manufacturers as well as consumers to emphasize on the use of shelf-life testing services. The primary challenges that the food industry faces today are traceability, identification, and prevention of food contaminants. The implication of stringent regulations regarding food safety to prevent contamination of food has impelled food product manufacturers and consumers have increased the use of shelf-life testing tools and services.

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With the progress of food and beverage manufacturing industry and expansion of the food service industry, the global shelf-life testing market is also expected to grow. The sales of several diagnostic test products are likely to increase over the next couple of years due to the projected rise in the inspection of food plants. However, the growth of the market is likely to be adversely impacted by the lack of awareness among people in developing economies. The disorganization in the regulatory systems is further expected to hinder the growth of the global shelf-life testing market.

From a geographical standpoint, the report examines the shelf-life testing market in regions such as North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Latin America. Of these, the market for shelf-life testing in Asia Pacific is presently the regional market with the most promising growth opportunities. The regional market is likely to expand at an impressive CAGR over the forecast period, chiefly owing to the alarming rise in the number of cases associated with infectious diseases spread through packaged and processed food products and governments focusing on making food safety policies more stringent. The rise in the number of shelf-life testing facilities in emerging economies such as China and India in the region will also help drive the shelf-life testing market.

The report also provides a detailed account of the competitive dynamics of the global shelf-life testing market wherein along with an analytical account of the recent developments in the market, the detailed business profiles of some of the leading companies in the market is also included. Some of the most prominent vendors in the global shelf-life testing marketspace are Intertek, RJ Hill Laboratories, Eurofins, Bureau Veritas, ALS Limited, TÜV NORD GROUP, Symbio Laboratories, Microchem Lab Services (Pty) Ltd, Premier Analytical Services, AsureQuality, and Agrifood Technology.

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