Toilet rolls have become commonplace at homes and institutions alike, even in developing countries. Demand for toilet rolls is expected to increase in developing countries, which are expected to record stunning growth in the number of households and workplaces over the next decade. Manufacturers of toilet rolls are expected to move their focus on the Asia Pacific region, which has surpassed North America and Western Europe toilet rolls market in terms of size. The increasing demand for toilet rolls is directly associated with growth in startups, and retail outlets triggered by urbanization. This is more prominent in developing countries.

Global Toilet Rolls Market: Dynamics

The global toilet rolls market is expected to be majorly driven by improvement in standard of living, especially in developing countries. Manufacturers of toilet rolls looking to expand market presence into these companies are expected to increase production capacity to cater to growing demand. Growth in regions such as Europe and North America is expected to modest, as there is low population growth, However, changes are expected in the form of varying degrees of toilet rolls’ market penetration.

Increasing awareness regarding personal hygiene is also expected to be a key contributor to growth of the toilet rolls market, giving tremendous boost to the growing customer-base. Growth in the retail sector will encourage growth in demand for toilet rolls, supported by increasing footfall especially in retail centers like supermarkets and shopping malls. Public places such as airports and railway stations are also key revenue generators for the toilet rolls market. Therefore, infrastructure development will have a critical role to play in growth of the toilet rolls market.

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Global Toilet Rolls Market: Geographical Outlook

The Asia Pacific toilet rolls market has emerged in the leading position in terms of market size. China and India have been key contributors to market growth in the last decade, and are expected to continue the momentum of growth in the coming years. The Western Europe and North America region will witness sluggish growth in the toilet rolls market. However, regions with conflicts, such as the Middle East, and Eastern Europe are expected to represent high growth opportunities for the toilet rolls market.

In terms of market size, countries such as Germany, France, and the U.K. will remain at the top in terms of These regions are expected to witness increase in investment over the next few years. Countries in Africa will also record growth in demand for toilet rolls during the next decade, with the key market drivers being – improvement in living standards, increasing awareness towards personal hygiene, and change in lifestyle.

Global Toilet Rolls Market: Key Players

Some of the key players operating in the global toilet rolls market are –

  • Zhucheng Lizhou Paper Co., Ltd.
  • Lianyungang Eternity International Trading Co., Ltd.
  • Ulive International Ltd.
  • Quanzhou Yaosheng Paper Co., Ltd.
  • Georgia-Pacific (Koch Industries)
  • Kimberley Clark
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Tesco Value Toilet Paper
  • Traidcraft Toilet Tissue,
  • Velvet Toilet Tissue

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