Global Salatrim Market : Industry Outlook, Growth Prospects and Key Opportunities 2018 – 2028

Salatrim is short and long chain acyl triglyceride molecules which are mainly composed of short chain fatty acids and stearic acid and contains fewer calories. The stearic acid is absorbed in a lower rate from the gastrointestinal tract. Salatrim is proposed as a fat replacer, reduced calorie, and reduced fat. Salatrim has been accepted globally and is considered safe for consumption. There is an increase in health related problems due to increases in various body fats which leads to blood sugar, heart, and liver organ problems.  With increasing obesity in the population, people are turning towards dietary products. This fat replacer will have a good impact on the food industry as it is one of the most demanded items in the market.

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Salatrim is a fat replacer which comes with a lot of application into the food industry. It is useful for people with weight loss diet. In the food industry, it is an alternative to healthy foods. With increasing standards in lifestyle, people are turning health conscious and so moving towards healthy food products and avoid oils, fats, sugar, sweets and other baked product items. The consumption of food products which contain salatrim, makes person feel less hungry and helps in weight loss. Bakery items come with a large amount of calorie and salatrim is reduced calorie product. It is also beneficial to the confectionery industry as it is reduced fat product. Salatrim is not made available to the public directly and the European market is bound to use it only in food products. This acts as a restraining factor in the growth of the salatrim market.

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Due to an increase in health-related problems such as high cholesterol, heart diseases, and obesity because of the increased intake of processed food products such as savory snacks and ready meals. There is a high demand for fat replacer in food and beverage processing industry. The companies in frozen food products and dairy industry have a big opportunity for this market as these products are high in fat content. The market for bakery products, sweets, and dessert items, and confectionery is anticipated to witness growth. Salatrim is a flavorless product so it does not change the taste and flavors of a food item and so it can be easily added to all food products. Fat replacer with reduced calorie can increase the demand for food products which are avoided due to normal fat with more calories. This brings a profitable market to the food industry. Salatrim is also used as an alternative to oils. It also opens a new door and brings opportunity for the oil market. Owing to these widespread reasons the market for salatrim will grow, emerge in upcoming years and is expected to remain positive for the forecast period.

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Salatrim is readily available in food products in markets of North America. The American market is loaded with use of salatrim followed by Europe. The European market uses salatrim mainly in bakery items. This market coming with a variety of usage of bakery products and confectionery, the salatrim market is likely to develop and give big returns. The Asia Pacific market is observed with less use of salatrim but shows an opportunity for later development in the market.  As Asia-pacific is the fastest growing region for this market due to factors like change in lifestyle, increase in knowledge and awareness for health and nutrition.

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