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So you've got to take care of yourself. Unsurprisingly, jobs for older people—workers over 50—are especially being sought out. The good news is that older workers may have fewer financial obligations than younger colleagues. With children are out of college, and homes possibly paid for, older candidates have some flexibility in the jobs to consider.

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Their tasks include playing with pets, cleaning up after them, filling food and water bowls and doing light training. : Learn About Being a Housekeeper. They are the first people guests see when they enter an office, so a secretary needs to be warm and welcoming to make a good first impression for the business. They need to have a love for animals and know how to follow animal care instructions. A blogger needs to understand content management systems and have strong writing skills.


Primary duties: A nanny provides childcare while parents are away. Help Center. Find salaries. Their primary duties include handling incoming payments, creating transactional reports, auditing financial records, looking for inconsistencies, processing payroll and receiving invoices.

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Fitness instructor. They need to be comfortable with ing software programs and spreheets. Mail carrier. Drivers tend to use ride-share applications to connect with their clients.

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Pet sitter. They should be personable, attentive and knowledgeable about their bank's policies. A fitness instructor needs to be energetic and have a positive attitude during classes. Primary duties: A housekeeper is responsible for maintaining a clean environment. Housekeepers who work in private households could create cleaning schedules based on the owners' needs.

Administrative assistant. How To Find Paint Apprenticeships Learn what a paint apprenticeship is, what paint apprentices do, how to find a paint apprenticeship and what happens after your paint apprenticeship. Primary duties: A pet sitter watches an owner's pets while they are away.

Their job duties include driving a mail truck, following a specific route, delivering mail, collecting mail, obtaining atures and answering customers' questions. Their tasks include getting clients to their location on time, maintaining safe driving, keeping a clean vehicle, making casual conversation and ensuring the comfort of passengers. Their main job duties include greeting shoppers, helping customers select merchandise, answering questions, making returns or transactions and demonstrating how a product works.

Someone in this role should enjoy driving or walking throughout an entire shift.

Their most common workplaces are hotels, residential facilities and private homes. They are responsible for making lesson plans, leading classes, motivating patrons, monitoring progress, teaching proper form and helping clients reach their goals. If you are over the age of 60 and considering a part-time job, you have many options.

They can write about any topic they're knowledgeable in, such as finance, law, music or food. Tutors tend to specialize in a specific subject such as math, science or English. : Learn About Being a Secretary. Primary duties: A bookkeeper maintains a company's financial records. A customer service representative tends to work in call centers, though they may provide customer service over online chat or. : Learn About Being a Babysitter. They are responsible for greeting customers, answering questions, helping customers manage their s, processing transactions, exchanging foreign currency, counting their cash drawers and performing administrative duties.

They may live in the family's home or make visits. Primary Duties: A driver is responsible for picking people up and driving them to their destination. Their work duties may include changing linens, removing garbage, vacuuming carpets, sweeping and mopping hard floors, restocking guest amenities and dusting surfaces. Primary duties: A retail sales associate assists customers in stores. Many seniors over 60 still want part-time jobs to occupy their time and earn extra spending money. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, click on the salary link for each job title below.

in. Primary duties: A medical biller is responsible for managing patients' payment balances and overseeing insurance claims for a health care provider. In this article, we discuss 15 of the best jobs for seniors over Below are some of the best part-time jobs seniors should look for.

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Bank teller. Learning about different part-time jobs that are available can help you decide which best meets your skills and interests. Create your. A driver needs to understand local driving laws and be personable when interacting with passengers. They are responsible for overseeing play, keeping children on a sleep schedule, helping with school asments, preparing meals and performing light housework.

Primary duties: A administrative assistant provides clerical support to a business. Primary duties: A blogger manages either their own blog or contributes to an organization's blog. : Learn About Being a Tutor.

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Find jobs. They work in health care practices, including primary care facilities, clinics, hospitals and specialist centers. Their job duties include greeting customers over the phone, finding customer solutions, transferring calls, communicating company policy changes, using software to complete orders and ensuring customer satisfaction is high. Someone in this role needs to be an effective communicator with both the children and their parents. They may work in more general office settings or specialize in areas such as medical clinics or legal firms.

Top 25 part-time jobs for retirees

: Learn About Being a Bookkeeper. Primary duties: A customer service representative helps customers solve product issues and make purchasing recommendations. Customer service representative. Their job duties include handling incoming correspondence, scheduling meetings, taking meeting notes, managing companywide calendars, tracking office inventory, contacting vendors and organizing files. Company reviews.

Primary duties: A tutor helps students improve their learning outside of a classroom environment. They need to be personable and have customer service skills. They could make daily visits or watch animals for multiple days at a time. Medical biller. They help students understand challenging subjects, do homework asments, prepare for tests, find studying techniques, advance retention skills and become more engaged learners. Primary duties: A mail carrier delivers mail to homes and businesses in cities, towns or rural areas.

This job requires an employee to be organized, professional and skilled at managing multiple tasks at once. Finding a Job. Retail sales associate. They need to be able to prepare, send and keep track of medical bills to patients and insurance providers.

This is a great part-time job for a retired teacher or someone with an educational background. They may also serve as a personal trainer.

Primary duties: A secretary performs clerical work such as answering phones, entering data into spreheets, scheduling appointments, creating documents, making copies, organizing files and coordinating interoffice communications. Primary duties: A fitness instructor le fitness classes such as cycling, yoga, strength training or dance at a gym or fitness center. Their main tasks include brainstorming topics, conducting research, writing blogs, proofreading their writing and communicating with editors.

Primary duties: A bank teller is a finance and customer service professional who helps customers with their banking needs. Related View More arrow right.