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If you live in former Sudetenland, there are many German descendants, but there are also Czech who still some raw nerves re the Germans seizing the region back in the 30s, and then invading the rest of Czechoslovakia. I promise that not all Czechs are like this. Hi Lucie, I agree wholeheartedly with you. Trespass on our private property,thinking they got a bogo sale bought their house,and got ours for free…….

And Zizkov! Thanks Anna for sharing such details…. Depends on where you live. I can tell you that my international friends have always enjoyed the country and particularly my city of Brno. Not to be understood wrong, but even Czech people consider a big amount of people in Prague very impolite and arrogant. Aka Very Boring.

The Czech people are very rude and arrogant which they have nothing to be rude and arrogant about!! As we are an older couple I prefer to liven in a place where they are friendlier! Russians, like Bara says, are a different story. Problems are solved with such swift intellectual elegance that it seems like nothing has happened because there has been no conflict or disruption.

Sounds like you came across some bad apples :. No one is forcing anyone. Now, I know that is wrong but someone needs to teach these people manners. Maybe better that czech people.

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Even guys who are grudging about the Sudetendeutscher seem to be friendly to a modern German guy they actually meet. One day at work, he even flickered his finger right to my eyes instead of asking about strangeness he found of my eye one of my eyes has drooping problem.

For me it was such a relief to find a culture and entire country where people think before they act, respect the privacy, ideas and freedoms of others, and take care of their belongings. This might be due to historical reasons but also the younger generation is acting differently towards them than to other nationalities. Social skills below zero. I myself come from GR where… well, you know already about us. We have had same experience,new neighbors,who spread terrible rumors about us!!!

Not a good choice for professional preachers. I spent 2 weeks there last fall. If you challenge them, they shout at you…. Have a nice day, dear. Hey, I am so sorry to hear about your experience getting so bad. Czech mentality is definitely different from American mentality. My first cousin just got back from her first visit there. I live in CZ and am in love with the everyday use of the intellect, common sense and prudence. Like typical czech I will firstly apologize my bad english. I love the way the Czech people speak English. The city is absolutely amazing but the people are just rude,crude and very improper!!!

I hope you will forgive some of the rude people you encounter and understand that some of the Communist propaganda still persists in the older generations. It is wonderful to go to a shop and not have to make small talk with the stranger serving me.

I feel like Europeans tend to be more direct. Your description fits my first encounter with my Czech coworker in the State. You all who want visit czech, are welcome and Im sure u back to home full of enjoyments. I would LOVE to go there to visit.

Friendliness ,humor below zero. Hi Charles! Other cultures seem to think good customer service involves becoming friends with the customer, goodness knows why. All you say is true.

But I must say that like in every country it always depend on locality. We will welcome everybody, that want experience czech culture. It is true, you complain, they talk back and never appology.

Despite a many faults which my country have, I love it here and mainly are language is beautiful. I am very happy, that you think this sabout us.

She would much more likely take issue with your medieval ass dogmata, had she grown up here. I have never been to Czechia so I do not know if this is valid.

I Czech but I no care if a someone is German or Russian or anything I just was learned to care of the person not the nationality. Take care, Tereza. Czechs should be very proud of their wonderful ways. I fell in love with Prague!! Religion is looked down upon here, even by older generations. The U. To see what I am talking about get away from the Tourist junk and watch how unfriendly and rude they are when they find out you do not speak the language. Hi people, Im greeting from czech republic.

Instead in CZ you are treated to efficient, respectful service which focuses on providing the customer with a high quality product and the freedom to enjoy it however you please without comment. In my country Cyprus we have a saying for bad customer service: Czech service. The Czech Republic is one of the least religious places on the planet. After I learned even basic Czech, I could finally laugh with the Czechs. Thank you very much for beautiful article. Therefore there is no time for laziness in Czech, you need to be practical as hell to handle your finances, expenses and bills — and this requires some skills and pragmatism — which is not so common over here.

Please respect the beliefs of others. As for high intellect, it can only be the result of the exceptionally good system of education in the Czech Republic.

How czechs really are?

I am still disappointed with the dating market though. I made friends from everywhere. Hi David, as a new Expat to Prague let me say this. My first impression of Czech through him is not of top tier of sophistication, but rather a third I might say.

I know how unhospitable my countryman can be. All they said is that they would like to preach. Your culture is so beautiful!!

These things are so normal here that I think Czechs dont even see it. When I read this article, I was very pleased. As a Czech person, who has been living abroad for the last four years U. Over the last years, when I had the chance to meet thousands of people from all over the World no exaggeration here — nearly all of them reacted extremely positive when I shared my origin.

Theirs is a VERY complex set of especially-contradictory beliefs regarding family-ties, dating, morals, etc. My mom was from Czechoslovakia and she would take issue with your comment. Cutting to the chase, in now time to show you what we call Czech social awkwardness, and how Czechs really are! Hello Annai will be visting the beautiful city of Prague for the 1st time in September, i have no fiends there and will love to make some acquaintances before i get there… Kindly assist in this regard.

Social awkwardness

I have always been very proud to be Czechoslovakian! Any Czechs who think about themselves this way needs some exposure to the World beyond the Czech borders so that they can find out, that the low-esteem has nothing to do with the actual skills, intelligence, looks or education.

It looks to me that he had lived in a country where norms of good and bad behaviors are not clearly defined. I agreed with your points and I have seen this during my visit to Czech Republic in last years. Then, after being free of the Nazis, it was the Russians…. I can assure you we are not all like that, if you visited another part of the country. Here the respect goes both ways, the customer respects the fact that the server is working — and would much prefer to be home with their family.

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However, I am glad that basic politeness and gentle manners still prevail in public services, in which, by the way, you are usually assisted efficiently. This is good news for the waiters — it means they can go home by the latest instead of keeping the venue open until all clients sitting have no new orders and leave. My experience is totally oposite, Dan. The last person I met that was anti-German was my own grandmother.