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Do you have a portrait photography business in need of more clients? Here are 10 tips that will help in promoting and marketing your portrait photography. Already dabbled in all the different types of photography and figured out you have a flair for faces?

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Now it is time to research studios and select the best one for your business. This service involves taking pictures of groups of products. If you need this type of photography you will not have difficulty finding a studio to provide it to you. Only very specialized photography studios would offer this type of photography. Composite images, also referred to as montage images, are not difficult to create.

The key difference between and 3D photography is the of axis the product rotates on as the camera fires. A reasonable approach here is to test outsourcing to see how the cost, image quality, and speed compares to your DIY program. So far I have detailed some of the main services standard, easily-sourced product photography studios offer as well as some additional services specific studios offer. You have made the decision to outsource and you understand all the services available to you. Overtime, the studio gets to know your product lines, your image quality standards, the image views and orientations you need, your formatting and delivery requirements, and how your deadlines work.

This addresses the obscure issue but it has its own downside. This article touches briefly on these topics but the main focus is on the product photography services studios offer.

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If your food photography falls into the complex category then you will need to find a larger or more specialized studio to provide you these services. The project is completed when all the products are photographed. If your products are large and heavy you will need to source a studio that has the capability to photography them. The cost of formatting and delivery should be included in the price. This product photography turntable is made by Imajizeit weighs only 14 pounds but can handle products up to pounds.

Full-service studio: these studios offer a full suite of product photography services from basic product photography to full-set photography to lifestyle photography. These products need images. If you need images of your products separately anyway, creating composites in post-production is faster than taking a picture of a group of products which requires unpacking multiple products, arranging them on a photography table, and taking and editing the images. All studios will provide editing services for the images they take of your products.

This continues until all rotations for that side of the product have been taken. That is onsite photography — the photography takes place at your warehouse or distribution center. You can see that these images are fairly elaborate. It is advantageous for your business to build a long-term relationship with the studio. The images frames play in the image viewer similar to the s but the consumer can view, rotate, and zoom into the product from more angles. When the image frames are played in a image viewer the consumer can interact with the product by rotating it on an axis and zooming into the product for more detail.

The above image of Whole Foods Pinterest shows great examples of food photography. You may have images that were produced in-house that need editing. If this functionality is important to the success of your project, search for a studio that uses this software as part of their image production workflow.

If the studio you are considering working with does not offer image editing only services red flag! For example, a studio could specialize in food or apparel photography, and 3D photography, lifestyle photography, or photography requiring complex sets. Specialty studio: these are studios that do not offer a complete suite of services but instead offer one or more specific services.

A composite image is created by taking multiple individual image files, layering them onto a blank image canvas, arranging and scaling the images on the canvas, and saving the image. You can then track your images as they spread on the Internet. Here are a few examples of product photography with sets there are many examples — just look at an Ikea catalog or go online to Walmart or Costco :.

If you are leaning towards outsourcing, educate yourself on the outsourcing options available and read the rest of this article to get the full picture on product photography services. The individual image files should have clipping paths and be on transparent backgrounds. Products that are larger and heavier typically require speciality equipment, studio space, and additional resources to handle the products.

These sets can range from basic to elaborate. Our blog has several articles on this topic — check them out — they will help you with this decision. Lifestyle photography is a service that only specialized studios will provide.

It is obvious that not all studios will be able to photograph these types of products. Both DIY and outsourcing offer benefits to your business and both have their downsides.

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Cubiscan is a company that makes systems that can measure packages and products as well as weight them. Because, like most businesses, product photography is not a one-off event. For this reason not all studios offer this service.

Making the decision to outsource your product photography is not a small one. Using mannequins and taking basic pictures of clothes that require minimal preparation and styling is not too difficult and can be a service offered by many studios.

This type of product photography involves models and styling. You should also look into ways you can improve your DIY studio performance. In its more complex form — clothes that are on models and where styling and matching with other clothes is necessary — apparel photography can be a specialized service offered by only specific studios. How much time and effort will this cost you and is it worth it — some valid questions to ask.

They would need a very large studio, the expertise to create and style the sets, and specialized lighting and camera equipment. Most studios will either give you access to their FTP server or they will the images directly to your FTP server. Although these reasons lower the of studios that provide group product photography, you should not have too much difficulty finding a studio to provide this service. If your project is large, complex, and there are multiple people involved in the project that are in separate locations, you are best to search for a studio that uses Image Production Management software.

By this I mean products in use by people demonstrating how they are used or what they look like when they are used. You may be reading this article because you have already set up a DIY studio and are beginning to realize that you underestimated the commitment, resources, and investment it takes to do it well. This type of photography involves placing the product on a circular photography table, defining the of images you want in theusing software to turn the table at deated degree intervals, and the camera shutter fires at each interval.

I will review standard services provided by all studios, additional services offered by larger studios, and speciality services offered by specific studios.

Digimarc offers a solution that adds an imperceptible digital ID to your images. You should consider:. Because tolerances for weight and dimensions are typically small, specialized equipment is required.

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Standard editing will include shadow removal, tone adjustments, vertical and horizontal alignment, and cropping. Basic food photography consists of low-volume photography of products that can be found in a grocery store. Anyone with an intermediate level of Photoshop skill can create them. Not all studios can photograph these products. Understanding the services available is a good place to start keep reading. You are always adding new products to your lines.

The process is similar to the steps for product photography except that after each axis the camera is moved to a different angle over the product and the product rotates again. They are able to handle projects of all sizes and complexities.

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Studios provide a host of different services. If you want to see the bottom side of the product from various angles you would flip the product over and continue with more axis rotations. Some products require sets to be constructed prior to photography. After formatting your images the studio will deliver them to you. Before making your decision it is best to look at the debate from both sides. If you require images on a hard drive or DVDs there will likely be an additional charge. Similar to apparel photography, food photography can range from basic photography that most studios can handle to complex photography that requires elaborate prep and sets kitchen.

This reduces the of studios that provide this service. In this section of the article I will detail the following groups of services:.